Honduras Efforts

P.E.S.T. Relief International® has been providing comfort and relief in Honduras since 2011. We having been donating mattress covers to orphanages and providing additional services to those in need. P.E.S.T. Relief International® has teamed up with several local relief organizations so we can support and maximize the efforts of each program.


We help the needy in Honduras through:


  • Providing mattress covers to the Honduran orphanages - We are able to take the soiled and stained mattresses of these children and give back to them clean surfaces on which they could snuggle up to sleep.
  • Participating in feeding programs at the local church - This program provides one meal a day to a hungry child who walks over from its home in the bordeauxs, the poorest of poor areas.
  • Creating micro-enterprises to empower, sustain, and transform lives - We are continuing to break the cycle of poverty through the introduction of our sewing program. With this program, we are teaching a new trade to the ladies that live in the bordeauxs.
  • Supporting two Christian schools - These two schools bus children in from the bordeauxs to educate them in academics providing them hope for their future.
  • Supporting an orphanage in the Honduran mountains - P.E.S.T Relief International® donates to their monthly budget by supporting two of the children.

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