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I had the privilege of visiting Honduras with my son and a colleague to further the mission of P.E.S.T. Relief International - to provide comfort and relief to those in need.

Our first stop was the city of San Pedro Sula. In San Pedro Sula, we met with our partners who help us run our micro-enterprise located there. This micro-enterprise manufactures mattress protectors for the children of the orphanages in Honduras. Through this effort we are helping the ladies of Honduras break the cycle of poverty for their families as well as providing sanitary sleeping environments for the children.

Honduras Frinds   Micro-enterprise

La Ceiba was our next stop where we attended language school and worked in a local orphanage for a week. Here we faced many challenges and rewards. I did not get the memo that my teacher would not speak ANY English and there was no air conditioning to cool off from the 105 degree heat index!!

I was so excited to bring 120 mattress protectors to the local orphanage! My biggest mission yet. Little did I know that I was going to be involved in a much larger project!  

Upon our first visit, we learned that they had purchased 120 foam mattresses for the protectors we had brought. This sounded great until I learned that they asked us to cut them down to size with a machete!! Once we were able to locate some razor blades, we went to work. Much to my surprise, we combined the old mattress with the new foam and wrapped it up in our mattress protector making a functionally new mattress.

Cutting down mattresses   Encasing Mattresses

After three hot and tiring days, I became hooked on the reality of the impact I could make on the quality of these children's lives.

I'm hoping for partners like you to help me continue this momentum and provide sanitary living environments for orphans, those who are abused and individuals at-risk. If you would like to participate in providing new beds and protectors for orphans in Honduras as well as for various shelters here in the US, please join our efforts.

Before PRI   After PRI
Before   After

The REST initiative can be so much more as we join our efforts together. To learn more about the REST initiative and other areas you can help, visit and start making a difference today.

Would you consider a monthly donation of any amount to help further the efforts of the Pest Management Industry to bring comfort and relief to those in need.

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P.E.S.T. Relief Internationalâ„¢ is a 501c3 non-profit organization

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