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P.E.S.T. Relief International® is an organized effort whereby professionals in the Pest Management Industry are joining together to bring comfort and relief through safe shelter, nutrition, education, spiritual enrichment, physical and emotional health.

We provide the basic essential needs, both physically and spiritually, to the destitute and defenseless in order to Empower, Sustain & Transform lives and ultimately communities.

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See how we are empowering, sustaining and transforning lives.


We believe that once these basic needs are fulfilled, one gains the ability to foster new relationships creating belongingness and empowering them to achieve a new level of accomplishment and community enrichment. Upon fulfilling the individuals' physiological needs, they will be enabled to sustain themselves through mediums parallel to their culture. As a result, this new level of accomplishment leads to one achieving their full potential while transforming the individual and ultimately their community.

We are excited to combine our efforts with established global organizations to maximize the impact of our reach both in the US and around the world.

Come join the movement and make a difference

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